News Flash: You can’t do it all on your own

38 Amazing Motivational And Inspirational Quotes:

Sometimes I catch myself complaining about small things. But once I do, I stop and remind myself that things can be a lot worse than what it really is. Before, I had a tendency to rant about unnecessary things but what good is it that I complain on social media – of all places! Only to share with the world my personal struggles that really have nothing to do with them. Personally, when I read a cry for help my instincts immediately react to want to help. I know when I would do it, it wasn’t really a cry for help but more of way to vent. But deep down inside I must admit, I would wish someone would reach out to me to offer me a solution. And now that I’ve found a solution and way to change my mindset to think more positively, I can’t help but share that with the world. The most unfortunate thing, though, is when no one will listen. We have to stop that thought that we can do it all on our own. And I’ve learned that the hard way. The things I would complain about are things that I’ve created myself. And that’s my own fault. As a Leo, I stand tall and want to fix problems on my own. I hate asking for help knowing that I need it. Then I look around me, and see so many people “vent” on social media, and I think to myself : why is it that I turn away from those willing to help me? I am blessed to know that I have so many people on my corner WANTING me to succeed. I think it’s sad knowing that the world is so full of negativity, that once one negative thing happens to you it’s impossible for you to acknowledge what’s positive. I was listening to a Podcast from Ed Mylett and he said  “Things don’t happen to you, it happens for you”. Good or bad. Accept it. You can’t dwell on what’s going wrong in your life. You can’t always share when something goes wrong for you. If you are putting it out there, people are listening. It kills me inside knowing that someone is asking for help but won’t accept it. When it’s laid out for you. I’m not saying that the path that I am on now is perfect and clear skies. There are going to be major bumps in the road. But just the fact that I am able to change the way I think, change the way I feel, the POSITIVE impact it is making on this journey, the acceptance that people are there to help me for a reason, has made me so grateful for where I am today. I can’t sit back anymore and think that I can do it all on my own. It’s impossible. I can’t afford to complain about things so little when I see that things could be so much worse. We aren’t where we want to be… yet. Our family isn’t perfect. We’ve got a long way to go. But I’m glad to know that there are so many people cheering us on, reaching out their hand to pull us up when we fall, and waiting for us with a huge banner above their heads – confetti and all – right at the finish line.

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