More love, Less hate

It took me awhile to cope with everything that has been going on in our world today. It took me awhile to really grasp what has happened. So many issues have been arriving just in the past few weeks alone. Rape, racial issues, Trump, Orlando, Chicago, gun control – everything is so tragic. But the one thing I get from all of this is how am I going to teach my children to have them understand the world that we live in. My kids are too young now to really know what is going on in the world. But it doesn’t mean I can’t start teaching them now.

The tragic events that happened at Pulse nightclub revolved around hate and discrimination – not only through the actions of the shooter but also how people reacted to it. Whether the issue was about race, sexuality, religion, guns… their is a valuable lesson behind all this and that is equality. Everyone has their own views and opinions on race, sexuality, religion and what not, but for me, I want to be able to teach my children about equality. Treat people fairly. Just because they look different than you, smell different, eat different, in reality they are no different than you. Teach peace. Teach our children to respect other people, other cultures, other religions. Yes, there are those people that do horrible things and I pray they seek peace within themselves. But teach our children that violence is never the answer. Treat others the way they want to be treated. Teach them while they’re young, while they haven’t been fully exposed to the world yet. So that the generations that follow us can make this world better again.

It’s scary out there. But I’m hopeful the future will look better…

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