Rape is rape


Yesterday I started writing about how I felt about the whole issue with Brock Turner and how it hits me on a more personal level but I decided to erase it. Reading the story and the outcome of it all left me with so much anger and frustration. But, no matter how much I expressed my feelings about it it wouldn’t change the fact that his sentence is – well, a joke. So many issues lie under this situation, and blaming the victim in this should not be one of them. Like she said in her letter – yes, alcohol was a factor, and she shouldn’t have consumed that much – but it wasn’t her decision to get raped. And to hear that his father and friends backed him up and blamed the girl in this situation and that “20 minutes” of his actions would ruin his reputation. Um, hello? His reputation is already ruined BECAUSE of his “20 minutes” of actions.

I am not one to throw out race – but I do see that money can definitely buy you freedom. And that is what Turner got. 6-months and he’s “free”. Are you really? Free of manipulation? Free of shame? Saying that a longer term will ruin his swimming career? Your “reputation”? What about the freedom your victim has now? She has no freedom. She will be haunted in years to come. Every garbage disposal she passes by will flash a memory. Every sip of alcohol she drinks will make her disgusted. Every time a man intimately touches her, she will be defensive. Sure, years to come it won’t affect her as much. But one little thing can trigger that memory. Who would want you? You are known now to the world as a rapist. But, since your family is wealthy enough to hire a good lawyer – who I think is a scum as well for the accusations he made against the victim – what else would you get away with? Rape is rape. And although his sentence is only 6-months in county jail, he will NEVER get away from it.

I could only see where this is going to lead to. And it leaves me fearful. I fear that with one getting away – who else would get away? I fear that months will go by and this story will be a thing of the past. Until another victim speaks out. I’m so sad about what had happened to this poor girl, but in a way I’m proud of her – for facing the man that took everything away from her. So many victims leave it unsaid. But she was able to verbally express what this has done to her – she may not have remembered the events that happen but she will definitely remember what it did to her. In a way, this story has opened up new stories from around the world where rape is a huge epidemic and it has opened everyone’s eyes. Don’t be a victim. Defend yourself. Speak up. Be aware of your surroundings. This could be your mother, your sister, your cousin, your daughter, your friend, your neighbor. It could even be your father, your brother, your son.

I pray for him and his family. I pray that the backlash they receive would help them find their fault. And I pray for the victim. I pray that she finds peace. And although this has been very traumatizing for her – I’m sure – I pray that it would not ruin her. There are people out there that can help. This can take on an emotional, physical, psychological impact on someone and you are not alone. Seek help before it gets worse.

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