don’t forget the kit!

emergency kitPictured: Blotting sheets, lint roller, hairspray, band-aids, chapstick, safety pins, shout wipes, lotion, sewing kit, downey wrinkle remover, tide to go pen, tums, neosporin, advil, bobby pins, fashion tape, tissue, brush, and qtips.

Not pictured: Tampons, panty liners, claratin, altoids, and hand sanitizer.





We can all hope for the best and think that our big day will be stress free! But let’s face it – sounds too good to be true. Unless you have a fairy godmother that will make everything absolutely perfect, something could go wrong (I emphasize could because who knows – something might not). But we can all agree that being prepared for an emergency isn’t too bad of an idea.

Be prepared and put together your wedding day emergency kit! I put together my best friends emergency kit for her upcoming wedding and I feel that even with this I should still pack some other “just-in-case” things. But, I didn’t want to bring my whole bathroom – and I only had enough space for all this in that little bag. Make sure to have one for the bride and groom and have the maid-of-honor and best man take care of it. With all the pre-ceremonial celebrations going on as everyone gets ready, you never know what will happen. It’s best to be safe than sorry!

What other things do you suggest should be in a wedding day emergency kit?

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